August 26, 2009

            Lutron Electronics Co., Inc./Lutron Shading Solutions, in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), today announced a corrective action to repair certain manual roller window shades that were manufactured by its subsidiary VIMCO and sold between January 4, 2000 and March 9, 2009.

            The manual shades were sold with a tensioning device connected to the shade’s looped operating cord.  If the tensioning device is not attached to the wall or floor, the operating cord may present a strangulation hazard to young children.  Because some users may be operating shades without tensioning devices, Lutron will provide an updated tensioning device that requires installation to the wall or floor in order for the shades to function properly.

Lutron has not received any reports of injuries or incidents involving its shades.  Lutron brought this matter to the attention of the CPSC and voluntarily acted to initiate this corrective action.  Lutron is taking this action to help avoid the risk of injuries.

A cord tensioning device reduces the risk of a young child becoming entangled in the operating cord. This device should be used with all looped operating cords on window shades in any environment in which children are or may be present.  Consumers who have one or more of the affected shades in their home or business may obtain a free improved tensioning device from Lutron.  Consumers may also receive a free warning label to affix to the bottom rail or hembar of their shades. 

Lutron is committed to providing customers with products of the highest quality and workmanship.  Safety is important to us, and we are proud to say that safety issues are rare.  We are pleased to join the CPSC in conducting this recall and appreciate their support.


Repair kits consist of cord tensioning devices and warning labels. To order repair kits click here

To view Lutron’s Joint Press Release with the Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding Lutron’s manual roller shades click here.